Selected Writings


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Amid Promises of Release, Political Prisoners Remain in Jail
, Toward Freedom, 2019
For Mexico’s President, Forced Disappearance Could Make Or Break The Justice System
Foreign Policy, 2019
A family fleeing violence in El Salvador has been stuck in Tijuana for two months
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Did Mexico’s People Really Win?The New Republic, 2019
Mexico cracks down on migrant activists and shelters
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The Politics of the Media’s Migrant Lexicon,
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Asylum Seekers Struggle to Navigate Broken Border Policy
The New Republic, 2019
The Front Line of Mexican Media is DIY Community Radio
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Mexico’s President Says the War on Drugs is Over. Not All Mexicans Agree.
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Mexico’s Women Are Learning To Hit Like A GirlBright, 2019
The Searchers, The Baffler, 2019

What does AMLO Mean for Migrants?, The Nation, 2018
Waste Not, Want NotThe Baffler, 2018
Caravan Migrants Carry Hopes Northward As Their Journey ResumesThe Nation, 2018
Defending Water, Defending Life, Strangers Guide, 2018
The Mexican Town That Refused To Become A Smart CityThe Guardian, 2018
Makeup in TransitLenny Letter, 2018
What Does the Mexican Left Think of Mexico’s “Leftist” President-Elect? The Nation, 2018
Why Do We Turn To Stories In The Midst Of A Disaster? Literary Hub, 2018 

The Recovery: Disaster Capitalism in Mexico CityN+1, 2017
How Mexico City Residents Used Social Media In The Wake Of The EarthquakePacific Standard, 2017
An Alternate Future for the MallN+1, 2017
Facing High Legal Fees, Immigrants Are Using Web Tools to Apply for Green CardsVice, 2017
For Muslim Refugees In Mexico, A Search For CommunityPacific Standard, 2017
Seasoned Migrants Face the WallVice, 2017
How To Talk About The Gig Economy At PartiesThe Billfold, 2017
When Being Deported is Only the Start of Your ProblemsVice, 2017
Finding A Room of One’s Own on the Mexico City Metro, Literary Hub, 2017 

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Brigadas buscan a sus desaparecidos en México, Contexto, 2019
Defender el agua, defender la vida, Tercera Via, 2018
Los problemas que enfrenten los migrantes deportados en México, Vice, 2017