a day in Caura.

we spent a day in Trinidad visiting Joia’s granny in Caura, to the east of the country. she lives on a mountain surrounded by fruit trees. overripe mangoes sweeten the air & sticky the ground. Joia’s uncle Keith cut us papayas, limes, ginger lilies–the lovely pink flowers pictured. the dogs in the area follow him everywhere, even when he drives, because they know he’ll leave them some food.

after lunch with Granny, we swam in a nearby river. i think it was the most beautiful place i’ve ever swum, surrounded by huge green bamboo, trees which arced to form a canopy over us. dozens of families parked around the river, cooking & drinking & playing. they bumped all kinds of music, which blended to form an amazing fusion: think soca/dancehall mixed with reggaton mixed with hindi pop. it wasn’t serene but it was sublime.

mmm. this was a great day.

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