Notes from a journey, part 2: Siete Tazas

The bus from Molina dropped off us in Radal, at the bottom of the mountain where our intended campsite, in Parque Ingles, was located. After kicking around for a little while, we found some guys from the park service, Hector & Nelson, to give us a ride up to the park. We were right by the river & surrounded by mountains on all sides.

We camped out for a night and the next day hiked down to the Rio Claro and Siete Tazas. The river winds through a deep, narrow gorge in the mountains–so narrow that it’s hardly visible from non-designated areas. Aside from the sound of rushing water, I wouldn’t have known there was a river nearby while on the trails. The Rio has dozens of waterfalls, but Siete Tazas is one of the most popular spot: six waterfalls, all visible from one point, rush into seven pools (the “tazas”) one after the other. It was stunning.

I couldn’t get a picture of all of the waterfalls, but here you can kind of see two or three! Just imagine this doubled. And in real life.



After pausing at Siete Tazas for a while, we followed the river to another waterfall, Salta de la Leona, this one much taller than the previous ones. We clambered down some rocks to get to a little rock island at the bottom of it, where we ate lunch and spent a few hours.

our waterfall from above.
our lunch spot.

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