glimpses of Santiago

jus a girl & her juice, en route to Santiago
the terrace of the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center // note the giant hanging fish
inside el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes–in progress is an installation by French artist Christian Boltanski.


Fuente Alemana (German Fountain), Parque Forestal


the turrets at the peak of Cerro San Lucia, a hill covered in winding pathways, castle-like architecture and scenic patios.
the view from one of the many stunning overlooks on Cerro Santa Lucia–yes, those are the Andes.

apologies for the recent silence on the blog. I spent last weekend in Santiago; aside from a short-lived illness at the beginning of my trip, I had a tremendous time exploring the city, trying Chile’s take on Thai food with the inimitable Olivia and conversing with my kind host, Leo, a friend of Sarah and Diego’s.

this weekend brings hiking La Campana–the tallest hill in the region–& a visit from Tyler, who, like Olivia, is studying in Santiago this semester.
tomorrow is my three-week mark: almost half-way through my time here. I can’t believe it. I’ve had lots of good times reading & walking, being quiet & alone in the last week. only five more weeks to go. wow.

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